Galvanised Steel Flexible Conduit

Steel Flexible Conduit

Construction – Helically Wound Single Lock Flexible Conduit the conduit will be unique in diameter in it’s size. The internal surface of the conduit will not contain sharp edges and burrs.

Self Colour: Zinc/silver


  • Highly flexible.
  • Implicit low fire risk item.
  • IP rating: IP40 level fittings.
  • High mechanical power.
  • Temperature range: -100 degree C to +300 degree C.


  • Utilized for connecting machines to control CCTV cameras, Metro Stations, Elevators etc.
  • For oven/furnace applications.
  • Under floor apps for floor boxes/computers.
  • Areas related to sparks and heat (welding, foundries etc).
  • Office blocks & under floor wiring.
  • Utilized as the best mechanical shield for insulated wires and electrical cables that are functional in typical atmospheric climate.


Cat.# Size Internal Diameter (mm) External Diameter (mm) Min. Bend Radius (mm) Coil Packing (m) Sheet Thickness
AKG-IS-101 16mm 10 13 30 15,20,25,30 0.25
AKG-IS-102 20mm 17 20 30 15,20,25,30 0.25
AKG-IS-103 25mm 21 24 43 15,20,25,30 0.25
AKG-IS-104 32mm 28 32 50 15,20 0.35
AKG-IS-105 40mm 35 40 57 10,15 0.40
AKG-IS-106 50mm 45 50 70 10,15 0.50

Raw Material: Pregavanised Steel Sheet Z120Gsm which coursponse minimum average weight of 120gsm of the surface region as base core element.

Approvals & Standards: All our conduits are developed on the basis of IS-3480; Bs-731 Assistance has been come up from the accompanying while making this standard. Certified NABL India.

Cutting: We suggest using of fine tooth 32tpi. Our short conduit length can be headily incorporated.

Packing & Marking: Flexible Adaptors & Conduits are packed with our brand logo and likewise as per client demand strong white paper box and hdpe bags.

Brass: Nickel plated female adaptor along with Male metric thread with brass locknut or G.I.

IP Rating: IP40 with standard fittings.

We ensure the quality and flexibility in all our conduits and adaptors manufactured in our units.

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