Test to Check Rigid Steel Conduits Conforming to IS : 9537 (PART-II) 1981

S. No. Name of Test Mode of Testing
1 Inspection of Surfaces & Edges Visual Examination (By Normal or Corrected Vision without magnification)
2 Inspection of Marking Brand name, Nominal Size & Country of Origin on each length
3 Durability of Marking Compliances Tested by method as mentioned in IS : 9537 Specifications
4 Dimensional Check For maximum OD by GO Gauges & Minimum OD by NO GO Gauges
5 Wall Thickness Measured with the help of vernier callippers as specified in BIS Standard (Accuracy equal to or more than 0.02 mm)
6 Isometric Screw Threads
  1. Length measured by vernier calippers.
  2. Profile of threads by GO & NO GO Gauges
7 Bending Test By Bending the samples on Bend Test Apparatus & Testing the samples for deformity & Cracking of orginal material or protective coating as mentioned in BIS 9537 Part I & II.
8 Compression Test With the help of compression test Apparatus.
9. Test for Protective coating (for checking the effect of External Influences.) With the help of Chemicals as prescribed in BIS : 9537 Specifications. Medium and Heavy Protective Coatings of Rigid Steel Conduits are Tested for the effect of external influences or Anti Corrosive effectiveness of the protective coatings.
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